International Client Base

A Global Challenge

With clients from 20+ countries in five continents, flexibility and communication are key. Take advantage of my unique flexibility, my international network, and my firm knowledge of EU and international environmental law.

Time Zone Support

Sometimes, international cooperation requires office hours to be adjusted – with a tight deadline looming, you don’t want to spend a whole day shift waiting for a response from your partner overseas. With Time Zone Support, I offer aligning my screen time with yours – fixing the last gap video conferencing software left in perfectly smooth international collaboration. It also allows for overnight jobs to be done in cases of urgency.

Language Support

I offer legal advice in German and English. With Language Support, translations to and from other languages are available as well.

Clients from China can take advantage of real-time interpretation of online meetings rendered by an experienced interpreter for German and Mandarin with particular expertise in the energy sector, and rely on my cooperation with legal scholars at Peking University.

International Law

Holding a master’s degree from a British university, and having hands-on work experience at international institutions, I can offer a full-spectrum of advice on pertinent areas of international environmental law.